Useful information on using the AZ Federation FORUM

Why use the FORUM?

  1. Keep in contact fellow fiber art enthusiasts
  2. Ask for help with a fiber arts problem you are having
  3. Post an item for sale or an item wanted
  4. Share information on upcoming educational opportunities
  5. Show and Tell
  6. Meeting information
  7. Newsletter post
  8. Review a new gadget that has come out
  9. New On-line stores (However no commercial advertising)

You can post, subscribe, unsubscribe and contact the list administrator and moderator via email.

  1. – Use this email address  for new postings to the list.
  1. – by sending a message to this address, a new member can request subscription to the list. Both the Subject: header and body of such a message are ignored. Note that forum-subscribe@ is an alias for the -join address.
  1. forum-leave@ – by sending a message to this address, a member can request unsubscription from the list. As with the -join address, the Subject: header and body of the message is ignored. Note that is an alias for the -leave address.
  1. forum-owner@ – This address reaches the list owner and list moderators directly.

    Problems or a questions just send me an email at forum-owner@

    Ed Koharik, Forum Moderator