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Fibers Through Time - A Fiber Oasis

April 24 through 27, 2014

Oasis n:
1) a fertile or green area in an arid region;
2) something providing relief from the usual.

Webster wrote that for us! Are you stuck in the doldrums of the same old, same old? Are you getting tired of routine threading? Or a pattern that fits like a comfortable old shoe? You go back to it because it sells at the fair, but it's bor-r-r-ing. It's time to fertilize your mind with a sea of colors and new techniques. Shopping with our vendors will definitely provide relief from the usual!

The Arizona Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds proudly presents its 8th biennial workshop conference. We've invited 23 instructors from the United States and Canada to offer you their workshops. We know you'll find reading through the workshop listings to be as exciting as we thought when we accepted these proposals for your consideration.

Our volunteer Learning Center proved to be so well received in 2012 that we are repeating it again this year. You'll have an opportunity to see a number of individual techniques. Our Saturday night banquet speaker, Ann Morton, will share the fascinating story of the Ground Cover Project, and how it has benefited Arizona's homeless with the handmade love of Arizona Fiber Artists.

We hope this website will provide all the information you need. If it does not, please contact us by phone. We look forward to seeing you!

Elaine Ross, General Chairman
Arizona Federation of Weavers and Spinners Guilds, Inc.